VinVision Technology

Total Visibility of a Distribution Network

Loup gives you the power to see your entire vehicle logistics network clearly. We believe clarity is important, because you can't manage what you can't see.


Loup's comprehensive VinVision® technology brings a whole new level of clarity to vehicle distribution networks. VinVision collects and organizes events from all members of the supply chain to provide a single source of truth.

Getting Started with VinVision

VinVision is already connected to most major car haulers, ports, and railroads in North America, and can also provide visibility of vehicles inbound and outbound on vessel. No software installation is required - VinVision interfaces easily with your existing logistics systems. The VinVision application is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via any Internet connection.

Loup's knowledgeable Supply Chain Visibility team works with you to map your network and distribution processes and set up your data in VinVision. After implementation, the SCV team continually monitors supplier communication and events to ensure data accuracy and timeliness. As distribution patterns, routes, processes and technology change, the Supply Chain Visibility team collaborates with you and your suppliers to keep VinVision accurate and up-to-date.

Total visibility to you, your suppliers and your dealerships!

VinVision® provides logistics managers with an accurate view of their outbound vehicle network. Dashboard reports are fed by regular status updates to provide immediate feedback for informed decision making.

VinVision Data and Reports
Facility Profiles Inventory Reports Network Performance
Vehicle and Railcar Trace (single, multiple)
  • Pipeline (In-transit)
  • Aging (Origin, Destination)
  • Facility
  • Non-Shippable
Productivity (Origin, Destination)
Shipment Alerts Carrier Scorecard
Vehicle Exceptions Custom Reports and Dashboards