Clarity, Collaboration, and Control

Finished vehicle distribution networks are complex. Loup provides the tools and data to help logistics managers make quick and informed decisions.

Loup is a third-party logistics company specializing in finished vehicle distribution management. Loup brings all the elements of a complex automotive logistics network into focus to deliver Clarity, Collaboration, and Control.

We work closely with our customers to identify their goals and priorities. This enables us to effectively manage your vehicle delivery network, mitigate supply chain stressors, reduce risk, and control costs.

Loup provides the level of service and support that you need, either as a stand-alone visibility tool, or as a complete solution combined with our experienced and professional logistics management staff. Our supply chain experts will manage your entire vehicle distribution network so you can focus on your core business. We work with you to set clear expectations, define consistent metrics, and continuously provide feedback to you and your supply chain partners.



Logistics Challenges

  • Constantly changing volume and product mix
  • Capacity constraints prevent vehicles from following assigned routes
  • Events may occur or be reported out of order
  • Suppliers often have limited visibility of the entire distribution network
  • Business priorities get lost in the big picture

Loup's Solutions

  • Volume forecasts to supply chain members enable proactive resource planning
  • Easy tracking of diverted vehicles and special moves
  • VinVision manages asynchronous events and provides an easy to understand event history
  • Upstream and downstream visibility for all members of the supply chain
  • AutoHawk monitors movement of priority vehicles, supported by custom reports